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Release time : 03月23日
Dukers was established in 2003 as a partnership company with Guangzhou Boaosi Appliance, which has serviced commercial food equipment worldwide since 1992,e have a full range of products, such as refrigerators, chest freezers, back bar cooler, showcase party coolers and testaurant catering equipments
About us - Guangzhou Boaosi Appliance Co., Ltd.


  • Company Profile

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    Company Profile

  • Kitchen Refrigertion Equipment

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    Kitchen Refrigertion Equipment

  • Commercial Catering Euqipment

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    Commercial Catering Euqipment

  • Commercial Display Refrigeration Equipment

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    Commercial Display Refrigeration Equipment

  • Cake Display Refrigertion Equipment

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    Cake Display Refrigertion Equipment

  • Commercial Special Refrigeration Equipment

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    Commercial Special Refrigeration Equipment

  • Commercial Chest Freezer

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    Commercial Chest Freezer

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